This is a list of the best protections for website owners.

The best is Cloudflare and everyone is using it, including pirates, been the most notorious user of Cloudflare. The reason why this type of services is popular is because it hides the ip from the dns. This means that it will be enough to hide the real ip from your server and it will be impossible to reveal it's true location while blocking bots and other bandwidth waster apps.

The reason for this list to exist is because Cloudflare reveal the ip location if presented with a court order. This defeats the purpose of the service anonymity and users should setup a second or third DDoS service to route the traffic in case Cloudflare blocks access to your site.

CloudFlare -
Cloud DNS -
BlazingFast -
KoDDoS -
Genius Guard -
Cloud Shield -
Incapsula -
Akamai -
Sucuri -
Sholv -
DDoS Guard -
React Labs -
FluxCDN -
AntiBot.Cloud -