This is a discovery tool to find the internal ip where a forum proxy is hosted. To use a user needs to upload the panel (3 files) to a web hosting site and follow the tutorial below. Register hosting for Free here

First find a forum to target this script. This script only works on forums that has the Preview and proxy enabled.

1 - Once the user has found one forum to target, run index.html file from your hosting account and click on "Get Logger Link".
2 - Copy the logger url, go to the forum and create a thread with the bbCode -- (paste the url between the tags).
3 - Click on preview. Go to index.html and hit on "Get Backend IP" and the script will get the backend ip.

Why this works?
Simply because forum admins has to add extra protection for not disclosing users ips and aditional info to external sites.
Also it can reveal the server ip if the forum is protected by CloudFlare.

Download: … der_V1.rar

Virus Scan:
It's in plain text