Preview from v8

- Show cyber news from various sources
GB Hackers, HackRead, DataBreaches + Comments...

- Data Breaches - Show the latested about data breaches
HaveIBeenPwned, DDoSecrets,, Wikileaks, etc...

- Indexed Results - Public results from hacking forums
BreachForums, Exposed, Breached...

- With Signature - Hacking forums with signature space
BlackForums,, Leakbase, OGUsers, uCoz Community, DarkForums,, 1877 Community, GetCheap, Development for Xenforo,, Hack-Web,, IranHackForum,, CodingForum, Afro-Hack...

- Inbuild searches engines for cyber security
The Hacker Machine, Leakbase, DarkForums, BreachForums, BlackForums, Youtube, Youtube Shorts, Youtube Posts, Google, Odysee, Yandex, Baidu, Duckduckgo, Bing, Yahoo, Naver...

- Hacking Alerts
Get the alerts for hacking forums when new results become public...

- Youtube Channels
Seytonic, Darknet Diaries, Jake Tran, Ironic Channel, SomeOrdinaryGamers, Cybernews, Captain KRB, Benjamin Economics, GrantCollins, No Text To Speech, Crumb RS, Hire A Hacker...

- Tools
Hacxx Email Scrapper - Get lead emails for any business. (Working but not finished)
Upload .html Files ( and

- Currency Convertions
Bitcoin 2 USD Converter

Note 1:
- Search engines (Yandex, Baidu, Duckduckgo, Bing, Yahoo, Naver) are limited to 100 searches per month.

Note 2:
- Some features of Hacxx RSSpy 19 require http server.
- Install Xampp, copy/paste the html and php file to htdocs.
- Run from the browser at

Download 1:

Download 2: … Spy_22.rar … 2.rar.html

Use the tool online:

Note for online tool:
- Some php functions won't work in the online version.
- You can monetize +/- $0.04 per day doing tasks
- Is Free
- Etc...