, a popular Chinese gaming website, has suffered a data breach resulting in the leaking of its database. The leaked data reportedly includes sensitive information of millions of users, including email addresses, usernames, and passwords., which is owned by Tencent Holdings Limited, is one of the largest gaming websites in China. It has a massive user base, with millions of users accessing the site daily to play games, connect with other gamers, and participate in various gaming communities. However, the recent data breach has put the privacy and security of these users at risk.

According to reports, the database was first discovered by a cybersecurity researcher who found it being sold on an underground forum. The researcher then notified the website, which later confirmed that its database had been breached. The company stated that the breach was caused by a third-party service provider that was managing the website's data.

The leaked data reportedly contains information about users who registered with the website between 2008 and 2010. It includes email addresses, usernames, and passwords in plaintext. The passwords were not hashed, which means they were stored in a readable format, making it easy for hackers to access them.

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