Firewall Blocker for Windows blocks any exe from accessing the internet on Windows.
To block just run the batch as admin (Right click > Run as administrator), select block and write the exe name and full path.

Firewall Blocker for Windows is a mitigation tool and with it the user no longer need to worry about the latest security patch as if the system is infected the user can just block access to the internet to that EXE. A good example is blocking rundll32.exe which can be used by malicious users to have full access to the system like a exe but in this case the access is made by dlls.

Note: V2 Update - User can block and unblock executables from accessing the internet.

Download: Blocker for Windows V2 (Fixed).rar … indows_V2_(Fixed).rar.html

Virus Scan:
The file is in plain text.