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Download 2:

How to

01 - Create the exploit code with Hacxx MSDT 0-Day CVE-2022-30190 Exploit Generator

02 - If you don't have a command exploit code open Command Example.

03 - Save the code from the generator as test.html

04 - Upload your trojan.exe to your web host and upload test.html too

06 - Create and save a Word document or RTF
(RTF allow code execution just by browsing the file in the folder without open it)

07 - Open the Word or RTF with winrar and extract /msdt/original_doc/_rels/document.xml.rels

08 - Open the .rels file with notepad and edit the line rId996 to your file

09 - Copy the .rels file to the word or rtf document 

10 - Share your malware.

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