This tool will query a keyword in each cctld and printscreen the valid sites.

To use it the user only needs to create an account, collect the apikey and type the keyword.
For example onion, pastebin, proxy, etc...

Note The tool only waste credits when it finds a valid domain.

How to use it?
1 - Open the html file with your browser
2 - Get the apikey
3 - Type a keyword and click view
4 - Wait a bit to let the tool load
5 - Scroll the images and once you find a interesting result
6 - Right click the image and open in a new window
7 - Click magnify to view the full page

Note: To know which domain the image is from, open the image in a new window, go to the end of the image address and the domain is visible there.

Download 1:

Download 2: … 5ea814447b