The download links 1 and 2 are for a rar archive with m3u playlists taken from Hacxx FREE IPTV Provider.

Update - 12 March 2020
Added resources to PT, UK, ES, FR, IT, DE

Download 1:

Download 2:

Download: Software required for Windows.
WinRAR -
VLC Player -

Download: Software required for Android.
RAR - … rarlab.rar
VLC - … deolan.vlc

Virus Scan:
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How to?

Install WinRAR or RAR
Install VLC Player or VLC
Decompress the TV Channels archive
Open VLC and choose a M3U playlist

M3U Playlists are categorized by Top Level Domain. For example, if the user wants greek channels, load up gr.m3u.

To get the most up to date list of channels, purchase the GOLD Package at