IFEO Tool is a simple batch file that adds or removes registry keys from Image File Execution Options (IFEO). This tool was developed to make more easier the proccess of blocking unknown trojan, virus or worms by simply adding the EXE to the list of IFEO with a dummy file execution.

The problem!
A user is using the computer and notice a increase of CPU usage or suddently the computer start running slow. The logic step for the user is view the Task Manager or Process Explorer and find which processes are causing this. The user then tries to close them but they keep re-opening or simply they don't close and the user antivirus does nothing.

The solution!
Execute the IFEO Tool batch file, write the process name + extension and restart the computer. After reboot go to the EXE location and delete the EXE.

It isn't possible to block EXEs with similar names to system files (For example: svchost.exe). Doing this will lock the computer and it will require a rollback or reinstalation of Windows.

How to use?
1) Add or remove registry keys. To add a new exe press 1. To remove press 2.
2) Write the filename + extension (Example: virus.exe)

This batch require admin privileges.

Download: … ool_V2.rar

Virus Scan:
The file is in plain text